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30 Minutes Consulting - Lizzy Ostro

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As an athlete in various sports growing up, I always knew fitness would be a part of my life. At the same time, I’ve always been very business-minded and so when I graduated from ASU with a B.S. in Business Management, I went straight into the fitness industry. I had several roles in various gyms and fitness facilities including personal training, management, and eventually running a boutique gym in Santa Monica for 2 years. It was there that I met John Burch and became involved with The BIZ. I started out as a trooper in the World’s Best Boot Camp, signed up for Crossfit®, and eventually became part of the BIZ. As someone who knows the fitness industry, and particularly WBBC & Crossfit®, from both the athlete side and the management side, I have a unique perspective when it comes to making decisions in the gym. I’ve become proficient in psychological marketing, copywriting, client/coach communication, systems and processes, and helping gym owners work through their unique problems.